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onsdag 26. januar 2011

Startsiden - Seasafari Andenes

Startsiden - Seasafari Andenes
Bird Safari / Seasafari
Sea safari - taste of the word. It tastes of salt and the open sea, it tastes fresh and refreshing. Andøya gave the world the word whale in 1989, now you can get even closer to sea level, and experience the flora and bird life on the far side of Andøya like you've never seen it before. In modern, safe rib boats are invited to a meeting with the eagles and puffins. If you are lucky you will see coastal seals, porpoises, small whales frolic in front of the boat. We can not promise that you will see it and the species. This is not a zoo - this is the wild, untamed west coast of Andøya. However, we can give you a guarantee: You will bring experience of meeting mednaturen and the ocean for the rest of livet.Når sun rises in the sky in the middle of May it will not go down until 25 July here in Andøy.Ingen things can compare with the nice weather and glowing midnight sun, floating on the horisonten.Vel and mark it may be cloudy, but it
However, like all day. The scenery is nevertheless a sight in itself. Experience Andøya on an adventurous trip through the archipelago with its magnificent flora and bird life. We have 3 daily flights from Andenes Harbour and heading to the outside of Andøya. We will visit Otervika, Rækvika and Høyvik before we end up on Spell. On the return trip, we visited Bleiksøya - one of the most famous bird. It breeds among other things, 80,000 puffins. Other species such as cormorants, auks and guillemots. White tailed eagle awaits us! Along the way, says our experienced guide on the waters. We guarantee an exciting and safe experience! Security on board is a matter of course in our offer. On safari tours you with lifejackets, but provides even warm shoes, hat and gloves. The boat is equipped state and undergo a thorough quality control and certification each year. Our boats have a capacity of 12 persons.

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